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Family History For All - About Us

This site is run by Jim & Carol Ackroyd (nee Nolan). We are members of the 'Doncaster & District Family History Society' We have been interested in family history for over 30 years. We also have our own family history sites www.ackroydfamilyresearch.co.uk, www.nolanancestry.com and www.ackroydancestry.co.uk . If we make a recommendation on this site, you can be certain that it will be of benefit to your own research because we don't recommend anything that we haven't used ourselves! All our recommendations are used or have been tried by us in our own research.

An example of this is www.Ancestry.co.uk . At first we were sceptical of sites that you had to pay for. Our thinking on this was that most research facilities are free so why pay to use their services. However we soon realised that the amount of time spent travelling to various research rooms was eating away at our spare time. The cost of fuel for the car was increasing all the time, so we took out a free trial with Ancestry.

Within hours of using www.Ancestry.co.uk we were hooked! The amount of information stored there is unbelievable. We realised that we could save a fortune in fuel costs plus we would save on wear and tear on the car. We use Ancestry on a daily basis and now have an annual subscription which works out at around 1.50 per week We save money but more importantly we now have much more spare time as we can find information in minutes that used to take hours, if not days, to find! Try Ancestry for yourself - You'll be glad you did. Click here: www.Ancestry.co.uk

Have you ever wondered about your roots? Where you came from, or who your ancestors were?

Genealogy/Family History Research, is the worlds most popular hobby, after fishing! It is a fascinating hobby, that is also very rewarding. Most of your family will become interested in your new hobby and you will make numerous new friends, especially when you come across a whiff of scandal! But be warned! It is also very addictive and contagious. Remember also, family history is not just an endless search through dusty archives, it can also lead to some amazing revelations.

So if you are searching for your ancestors, tracing your Family tree, Researching relatives, Grandparents or Distant cousins. Family search or whatever you want to call it! You will find the information here, in the best free family history tutorial site on the Internet.

Of course we couldn't possibly fill this site with all the various data and records that you need. The Internet is referred to as the 'World Wide Web' Just like a spider's web, our links cover the whole world to bring you information about the: Census, Archives, Family History Societies, Gedcom files, Parish registers, genealogy, surnames, pedigrees, record offices, research tools, births, deaths, marriages, commonwealth war graves and much more... This site contains lots of information, however our 'Research Links' page is your doorway to to the best Family History/Genealogy information on the 'Web'.

If we make a recommendation on this site, you can be certain that it will be of benefit to your own research because we don't recommend anything that we haven't used ourselves! All our recommendations are used or have been tried by us in our own research.

Jim and Carol Ackroyd - About us:

We have been researching our 'Family Trees' now for over 30 years. We have over 17.000 names that we have researched so far! My wife Carol, does most of the hard work I'm afraid! But we often go to visit old Churchyards and research rooms together. Some of these are found in beautiful towns or villages. So we make it a day out, often stopping off at a nice country pub for lunch.

We now have many 'distant relatives', around the world, with whom we keep in regular contact, using the Internet's messenger and email services. We also have our own 'Family history site'. Please take a look.

This site is an extension of our research in a way, as in trying to help newcomers we also learn new things ourselves from our visitor's feedback! There's always something new to learn.

We are also proud to have been given an award for this site - Congratulations from all at www.PrimeSiteUK.Com  We have pleasure in confirming your Gold award.

If you have questions and/or comments you can visit our Guestbook to leave a message. In the unlikely event that we can't answer your query, then another visitor may have the answer.

Sit back and relax:    Now, I suggest you make a cup of tea/coffee and sit back and relax. Browse around the site and explore, 'til your heart's content.

If you feel you'd like a bit of help getting started on your family history then take a look at this page.

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Tony Digging Your Ancestors

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Amazon UK have an enormous selection of family history books. Click HERE for a wide selection and genealogy software. You'll be like a child in a sweet shop! Or, better still, visit our own online book/software shop!

We've tried to make this site, informative, interesting and fun! We upgrade it as often as possible, to keep it fresh and up to date. Bookmark This Site!

Contact Us. This is a 'growing' site. This means the site will grow as we add more information. We are adding to our information on almost a daily basis. You can help us grow by interacting with us, i.e. sending us your comments. Believe me, it's no fun building a website and getting no feedback. With a shop or an office you get to meet your visitors. Here, we never see you but we'd love to hear from you! So don't be shy.. email and say hello. Use our Guestbook to say 'Hello' or for an enquiry. If we can't answer your query then maybe another guest will have the answer! Family History 4 All Guestbook

If you wish to contribute an article, or know of a useful link, then please let us know. We'll be happy to include it on our site. (Subject to space being available and it's suitability for our site!). We reserve the right to edit contributions if this is necessary.

Don't forget our 'Research Links' page, (a lot of work went into locating some of these hard to find sites!) which is crammed with some very useful resources for the researcher, such as, where to find census information, Location of 'The Commonwealth War Graves Commission' and much more...

If you feel you'd like a bit of help getting started on your family history then take a look at this page.

A Popular Hobby:   Tracing your family tree, or genealogy, (there is a difference but don't worry about that right now), is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies on the planet! ....In fact, it has been said that genealogy is now second only to angling in popularity!

Actually it's much more than a hobby because by researching your ancestors and recording your ancestry, you are creating a LEGACY, not only for your own offspring but for future generations who will be so grateful that you took the time to record their ancestors!

Here are the rules!:    Rules?.........You'll soon learn there are no rules. There are however plenty of dead ends and wild geese to chase!

But don't be put off. Here are some of the benefits of this great hobby:

You WILL get around to seeing (and maybe meeting for the first time) some of your long lost relatives. You will also enjoy this..........believe me!

You obviously have access to the Internet........Or you wouldn't be reading this........So you will soon be using one of the messenger services to chat with distant cousins etc.

You will definitely meet lots of new friends (researching their family trees).

You will begin a whole new social life when you join your local 'Family History Society'.........Which you MUST! For that is the one place you will learn the most about your new hobby. (We have put a list of 'Family History Societies' on this site).

That's just a brief outline of this fascinating hobby which we have come to love.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. If so, tell your friends - if not please tell us!

We're pleased to notify you of the arrival of the 1841 English and Welsh census. Learn more here...

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  • Most complete Census collection available online (1841-1901)
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  • Over 350 million records currently online
  • Parish and probate records dating back to the 1500s including some Yorkshire parish records.
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  • Family History 4 All strongly recommend joining Ancestry.co.uk if you are serious about your family tree! It is without doubt the best online resource for family historians. Don't let the subscription cost put you off as it's amazing value for money. For little over 1 pound a week you'll have access to millions of records. Sign up for the free trial first if you want to try it. You'll be glad you did! 
  • Attention all Ancestry.co.uk subscribers! (and those of you thinking of subscribing) -  Ringing the Changes with our new British Phone Books Collection 1880 - 1984...full details here


PS.  Please do not be offended by links to our sponsors/advertisers. We have tried to be selective and they pay us a small commission, to help pay for and maintain this and our 'Ackroyd Family Research' sites. Therefore we would appreciate you using links from these sites to make your online purchases. Thank you.

By the way, using your credit card online is often safer than using it in a high street shop, as your information is encrypted and there's no-one looking over your shoulder! Note: use a credit card and not your switch - you are insured for most credit card transactions just check the small print on the document that came with your card.


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