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Newsletter No.3 – December 2006.

Tony Robinson and Ancestry.co.uk

Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the our newsletter from www.familyhistory4all.co.uk 

Carol; myself (Jim) and the team here at Family History For All, would like to wish you; your family and friends a very 'Happy Christmas' and a prosperous 'New Year'

I hope this message finds you all in good health. To our new subscribers a big welcome and we hope you enjoy our newsletter. And to all our subscribers – if you have an article or amusing story to share with us then please don’t be afraid to send it for publication…you can remain anonymous if you prefer but we want you all to feel you can contribute if you want to. Just send an email to publish2002uk@yahoo.co.uk with the words ‘Newsletter item’ in the subject box. And we will include it at the first opportunity, subject to editing, if necessary of course.

If you really do enjoy our newsletters then please tell all your friends and/or relatives who may be interested in family history. Forward this newsletter by all means with our blessing or ask them to sign up for their own copy! But if for any reason you don’t like some part of the newsletter, then please tell us! That way we can improve the newsletter and improve your enjoyment!

October's issue highlighted the benefits of Genes Reunited, so for anyone who missed it, here’s a link for www.genesreunited.co.uk/  The Ancestry.co.uk article in last months newsletter obviously went down a treat, as many of you took out a subscription or free trial, following publication. I hope you enjoy Ancestry as much as Carol and I do. Click here for more information.

Here's the link to the archives so you can refer to previous issues: Newsletter Archive

Family History Software

This months article is about Family History Software! Finding the right software and getting the best out of it will help to bring your family history research to life.

Most family history software programs are simple to use, with good help files to get you through anything a little tricky! You will find many of them allow you to add photo's and even videos to your tree and also add notes in a scrapbook area, which will help to make your research more interesting. You can add notes about your ancestors work; where they lived; maybe a photo of the Church they attended and so on. You will enjoy this much more than simply building a list of names and dates!

Carol and I use 'Family Tree Maker'. However we are giving you as much information as possible about a whole bunch of software programs here. Look through them all and decide for yourself which one suits you best.

We'll provide a link, where possible, for you to purchase your selected program and a link to learn more and download any free programs.

List of family history software:

There are many more programs available but we have selected the above six which we believe to be the most popular. If you require more choice then go to our online shop for a vast selection: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/familyhisto04-21

We hope you have enjoyed the above article.

Next month, Learn how to save those precious family memories by writing family history stories.

Family History For All - has it's own online store, featuring family history books and software for the family historian. Here's a handy link if you would like to take a look:  http://astore.amazon.co.uk/familyhisto04-21 

Do you have any problems with your research? Let us know about your problem and I’ll get my team to try to sort it out for you. This service is only available to subscribers of this newsletter. You’ll find our Email address at the bottom of this newsletter.

I can’t stress how important it is to join your local ‘Family History Society/Group’. You will gain lots of information and advice by being a member. They don’t usually charge a fortune to become a member and the benefits are enormous. You’ll find a link on our site to most Family History Societies/Groups and if yours is not listed, then pop along to the local history section at your local library and ask about your nearest group.

That’s all for this month folks…see you soon.

 Jim. Editor


 Email: publish2002uk@yahoo.co.uk

 Or: jim@familyhistory4all.co.uk

 Jim Ackroyd. Address: 12 Avondale Road. Doncaster. UK. DN2 6DE


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