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 Learn how to trace YOUR family tree.

Newsletter No.17 - March 2008.



1. Our welcome message.

2. Featured Article – Create Your Own Family Tree (Genealogy) Website By: andrewj

3.  Latest news from www.Ancestry.co.uk

4. Next month’s article. 

1. Hi all,

Quite busy here this month...Lots of new subscribers, so a big warm welcome to you all. I hope you find this newsletter helpful in your quest for information. I was just checking and I haven't had one 'Un-subscribe' for over 6 months! So thanks to everyone for your support.

I've also had a very busy month with my eBay business...Selling bus photos on CD. Take a peek here: http://www.busphotosondisc.com. Lots of photos of old buses; trams and trolley buses and more.

I'd recommend eBay if you have anything to sell because it's so easy to set up and can be very lucrative! If you fancy having a go yourself click this link: eBay.co.uk   eBay Tours

Hey, before I forget, whilst you are here, please sign the Guestbook and say Hi.

We have a very good article this month. I'm sure you'll be delighted with it, it's all about Creating your own family tree website. Carol and I both have our own family tree websites and find them very useful for making contacts with distant relatives.

I was talking to a friend the other day (who happens to be 'into' family history in a big way) and he said to me "Why do you subscribe to www.Ancestry.co.uk It's so expensive, and most research rooms are free?" I answered him by telling him that I saved around 1500 miles of travel per year by subscribing to Ancestry. At around £5 per gallon for fuel, I estimate a saving on fuel alone at £250 plus wear and tear on the car. Then of course there's the time...usually a full day out and sometimes a couple of days, so there is extra cost for hotels and food etc.

Take my word for it, a subscription WILL save you money and WILL save you time and here's the best part! There is no possible way that you could find as much information as you will find on www.Ancestry.co.uk in your life time. Try it and see. www.Ancestry.co.uk

That's enough from me - enjoy your newsletter.

You have received this newsletter by subscribing from this or one of our 'sister' sites. Or it has been forwarded from a friend/relative etc. If it's the latter and you would like your own subscription, then please click here: Free Newsletter. Unsubscribe info can also be found on this page. Here's the link to our archives: archive.htm

I hope this message finds you all in good health. If you have an article or amusing story to share with us then please don’t be afraid to send it for publication…you can remain anonymous if you prefer but we want you all to feel you can contribute if you want to. Just send an with the words ‘Newsletter item’ in the subject box. And we will include it at the first opportunity, subject to editing, if necessary of course.

You will find lots of suitable Family History/Genealogy gifts here: Visit our store now.*

2. Featured Article

Create Your Own Family Tree (Genealogy) Website By: andrewj

Are you researching your family history? A great way of generating interest that may lead to further information is to create a web site of your family tree and family history information.
Many of the better Genealogy Software programs provide the opportunity to do this. Alternatively, submitting your GEDCOM file to the numerous (and free) genealogy sites gives your name and history a presence on the World Wide Web. Another alternative is to use a free hosting service, eg Yahoo GeoCities where you can create your own web site. However these free hosting sites often have restrictions on how much you can display and are often difficult for the first time user.

The best way to design, develop and publish your own personalized family tree website is to use a HTML Editor like FrontPage or one of the many (sometimes free) HTML editors available on the internet. You will need to purchase a domain name and web hosting.

The following tips will help you create a family tree web site:

Title. The correct title to your web page is critical. It helps search engines identify your page, and searchers to find your page. Something like “The History of the Jones Family in Alabama” or “The Ancestors and Family History of Robert Jones in Alabama” is far better than “My Family Tree”!.

Header. The first paragraph, or header, should contain the surnames of the principal families researched and displayed in your family tree. Again, not just a list of names, but proper sentences which include key words such as family, family tree, ancestors, genealogy and family history.

Content. Visitors and search engines are looking for quality content, particularly on the home page of your web site. Just a list of names being researched is not enough. Compose a few paragraphs briefly describing your family history, with links to your other pages for more detailed family information. Limit your images on the home page to perhaps to one family photograph, again with links to your other photographs.

Navigation. Good websites have good navigation which allows visitors and search engines to find their way around the web site. Navigation buttons or text links must be on all pages. Particularly important is a Home link on each page.

Meta Tags. Meta Tags are essential on all web sites. Without Meta Tags web sites will be hard for searchers to find and will rank very lowly in many search engine listings. There is no point in having a web site that cannot be found. Do it soon to improve your ‘find-ability’ and search engine ranking. A later article on Meta tags will help further.

The Importance of Links. If you have a family tree web site, having other genealogy web sites linking to you is a proven way of generating traffic and improving your page rank in search engines. ‘Link Popularity’ is measured by the number if inward links you have to your sites. Inward links should be
from quality genealogy sites. A links page on your web site is essential. Links can be obtained by inviting webmasters from similar sites to exchange links with you, or by joining a link exchange site. Do not exchange links with inappropriate sites eg gaming and porn! On your links page invite other web
masters to contact you for an exchange. So that the search engines and visitors can find your links page, ensure that there is a link on your home page to the links page.

Contact Details. So that visitors can contact you it is important that you display your email address prominently. To avoid email harvesters and spammers show your email address as an image or use a free email
account, eg hotmail.

Observing the above tips will help you build a web site that proudly represents your family tree. Later articles will cover other issues relating to family tree web site design.

Article Source: http://www.familyhistoryarticles.com

Jim Hammond is a Family History Researcher who has created the free Genealogy Search Australia search engine and directory to assist new and experienced genealogists and family historians.

 3.  Latest news from www.Ancestry.co.uk

This month we've got news about our newly-released World War One Medal Index Cards collection, as well as some brand new records to come from Archive CD Books. Plus we have a great money-saving offer for Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE and an exciting new way to bring your family story to life.

The first part of the complete World War One Medal Index Cards collection is now available on Ancestry.co.uk. Currently there are 2.1 million names - although the finished figure will be about 5.5 million.

Each medal card gives information such as name, number, the type of medal awarded, regiment or corps and the soldier's first operational theatre.

Additionally, for the first time ever you'll have online access to the fascinating extra information that has been transcribed on the back of some of the cards.

Archive CD Books to be part of our historical records collection:

We're really excited about a recent agreement that means in the coming months we'll be adding 1,000 different record collections from Archive CD Books to Ancestry.co.uk. These records will be available on site to members and Pay-Per-Viewers.

With the retirement of its founder, Rod Neep, Archive CD Books - a digital collection of city directories, rare books, military records, parish records and much more - will have a new home on Ancestry.co.uk. We're incredibly privileged to be able to carry on Rod's work.

Watch this space for further news.

Bring your family history story to life with Ancestry Press.

Once you've built your family tree (or uploaded it onto www.Ancestry.co.uk as a GEDCOM file), you can really show off your achievements with Ancestry Press - our brand new, easy-to-use publishing tool.

You can preserve your family history in a professionally printed, beautifully bound book - designed by you and printed by us. You can include records and photos from your tree in your book and illustrate it with different backgrounds and images of your choice. Or you could design and print a big family tree poster to show to friends and family.

This months featured Ancestry member: Nanci Munroe

Nanci took advantage of Ancestry's free 14 day trial, and soon discovered some amazing facts about her ancestors.

On her father's side, she found two passengers on the Mayflower. She also discovered her Celtic ancestors - including one Robert De Bruce. And after delving even further into her family's past, she found her Scandinavian ancestors. Phew!

Nanci is organising a family reunion for next summer, and is looking to create a big family chart to show off her hard work. Good luck, Nanci!

4. Next month’s article. What Property Records Can Tell You about Your Family's Past

* * *

Got your own site? I started using this a few weeks ago and it really works: http://www.freewebtraffic.co.uk/

* * *

That’s all for this month folks…I hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. And in case you forgot earlier - Please sign the  Guestbook. See you next month.

Jim. Editor

PS. Please forward this newsletter to your friends/relatives, if they are interested in family history, with our compliments.

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