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Newsletter No. 27 - March 2009.

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1. Our welcome message.

2. Featured Article – Rooting for Military Records for your Family Tree by Paul Duxbury and Kevin Cook

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4. New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

5. Next Months Featured Article

1. Our welcome message.

It's almost April and Spring has sprung here in the northern hemisphere. Buds are filling and beginning to open along with the blossom on the trees.

Family history is also getting a spring boost over at One Great Family. They just emailed me to give me a thumbs up for their April Sale: "Here is how much your visitors will save in April:

One Great Genealogy Site!

  • Annual Subscription: $74.95 Only $59.95 (Save $15)
  • Quarterly Subscription: $29.95 Only $19.95 (Save $10)
  • Monthly Subscription: $14.95 Only $9.95 (Save $5)

The Springtime Promotion is not available for Free Trial accounts."

So if you are thinking about joining One Great Family, then April is the time to enrol. One Great Genealogy Site!

If you have ancestors in the coal mining industry in the UK, I came across a great site in our local family history society magazine. I found it very interesting and found links to several names we are researching. Take a look by clicking the link below:

Welcome to the UK's largest and most comprehensive website concerning the history of coalmining - including a searchable database of over 164,000 recorded accidents and deaths.... http://www.cmhrc.co.uk/site/home/

Here's a few links you may find useful:


Burke's Peerage & Gentry

The Origins Network

 2. Featured Article:
Rooting for Military Records for your Family Tree. by Paul Duxbury and Kevin Cook

One of the most difficult parts of genealogical research can be finding military records for family members within your circle. While hard to find, these records can prove invaluable to your search for more information about your family. They can help you track who a family member dealt with and where they might have been stationed. This can help you track your family members' travel across the country or even the world.

Starting your search for military records begins by searching your brain and your families' collective memories for information about the parties you are looking for. Information that can help you in this search includes the branch of service the member of you family served in, the conflict (if any) the member of your family was involved in, the dates your family member was involved in the service, the type of unit (volunteer, draft, etc) the member of your family served with, whether the member of your family drew a pension from the service, and whether the member of your family was an officer or an member of the enlisted personnel.

Once you've gathered your information, you're ready to start searching databases. There are several you will need to look through, depending upon how much information you have. One valuable source is the National Archives and Records Administration. Over the course of the history of the United States, and extensive amount of paperwork has been produced by the federal government. The National Archives and Records Administration have worked to preserve what they could of documents containing important bits of national history. They have more than three thousand types of records archived on microfilm and on the internet that you can access and view. Some of these will cost you something, others are free. Their military service records catalog runs about three hundred and thirty pages and can be a very valuable resource in your search for family military records.

Another good source of information on all military personnel is the census. By eighteen forty, the census bureau listed the name, age, and residence of every single member of the American services. Even though much of the eighteen ninety census was destroyed by fire, it had essential facts about the person's name, rank, company, regiment or vessel, length of service, and disabilities associated with the service. There is even a listing of the widows of Union veterans for some states. In addition to the above information, the nineteen ten census asked every man over the age of fifty about military service history. As the census progressed, more and more information was collected about veterans.

If your family member served in the regular Army, there are three possible publications that might help you with your search. First, take a look at a volume of the Regular Army Enlistment Papers. There are several volumes of this available from a variety of locations. Another possibility is to examine Francis B. Heitman's Historical Register if you know the family member you are searching for was an officer. One final possibility is to look at the Dictionary of the United States Army, available from a number of different locations.

There are two major repositories of military information for your searching purposes. If you are looking for the military records for anyone who served in the Revolutionary War through nineteen twelve, the National Archives Building in Washington D.C. is the place you should go. You cannot leave with any of the information, but you are welcome to make an appointment to take notes from their paperwork. They also offer informational courses that you might find helpful to your search. If you are searching for information about a family member who served in the military from World War I to the present, the best place to go to examine information is the National Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. In order to obtain a copy of the records you require, though, expect to have to fill out some paperwork, as privacy standards for more recent records are a bit more rigorous than those for records dating from the eighteen hundreds.

Finding the military records of your family members can really advance the search for your genealogical history in a number of different ways.

About the Authors

Paul Duxbury and Kevin Cook own www.amateur-genealogist.com and www.our-family-trees.co.uk two of the leading Genealogy Websites.  In addition Paul owns a wide range of exciting websites which can be viewed at www.paulduxbury.com

3. Latest news from www.Ancestry.co.uk Join or get a free trial here.

Warwick Castle, one of the UK’s most famous castles and a major tourist attraction, has announced that Ancestry.co.uk is to become the first official sponsor in its almost 1,100 year history.
The UK’s leading family history website was chosen as Warwick Castle owner Merlin Entertainments is seeking new ways to grow public interest locally and internationally in exploring UK history, and in doing so to attract new visitors to the Castle.
Due to the Internet, the popularity of family history has exploded in recent years, resulting in an increase in ’ancestral tourists’ to the UK - two in 20 people from the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand expected to visit the UK in 2008 to explore their roots (1).
Ancestry.co.uk has 200,000 UK members and is part of the global network of Ancestry websites, which has one million members worldwide. In January 2008, the Ancestry global network attracted more than 50% of all visitors to family history websites.
The sponsorship will include opportunities for Ancestry members from around the world to visit Warwick Castle at discounted rates.
The history of the famous Earls of Warwick, their families and many notable guests is central to the promotion of Warwick Castle, which each year attracts over three quarters of a million visitors from around the world.
Adding a new dimension to its fascinating history, and to inspire visitors to explore their own personal history, Ancestry.co.uk is currently researching the family histories of various key members of the Castle household.
Ancestry.co.uk Managing Director Simon Harper comments: “It makes perfect sense for two companies who lead the way in promoting English history to combine our strengths to ensure that interest in our history continues to grow, and in new and exciting ways.”
Merlin Entertainments Head of Sponsorship Jonathan Lewis comments: “We are delighted that this partnership has been formed and are confident that it will encourage even more people to come and enjoy Warwick Castle, and also start to learn more about their own family history.”

The Ancestry.co.uk sponsorship will commence on 1st of March running for 12 months. The Castle previously has only taken sponsorship for individual events, which will continue

4. New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

I wasn't surprised to find that many of you had clicked on the link for 'Find My Past' in the last issue. It is after all a great site. I also had several subscribers email me to say thanks for the 'Program sharing' idea.

It is a good idea and you don't have to stick with Ancestry and Find My Past. There are many such programs out there that you could share. There are several links to these programs in this issue so get to it and turn your research into a great social gathering!

5. Next Months Featured Article:

Not just names, dates and places please by David McLeod

"Don’t let the results of your family history searches become just a list of ‘facts’. Remember the first word is ‘family’, and this means people. It’s the little anecdotes that bring them to life as well as interesting others in what you’re doing. This is a sample of some of the snippets we’ve found."

This is very interesting - Don't miss it.

I really hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. And in case you forgot earlier - Please sign the  Guestbook.

Jim. Editor

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