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Newsletter No. 28 - April 2009.

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New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

I hope this message finds you all in good health. If you have an article or amusing story to share with us then please don’t be afraid to send it for publication…you can remain anonymous if you prefer but we want you all to feel you can contribute if you want to. Just send an with the words ‘Newsletter item’ in the subject box. And we will include it at the first opportunity, subject to editing, if necessary of course.

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1. Our welcome message.

2. Featured Article – Not just names, dates and places please by David McLeod

3. Latest news from Genes Reunited

4. New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

5. Next Months Featured Article: Fast Access to Important Public Records by Richard Clark

1. Our welcome message.

I'm just getting over a bad cold. This is no ordinary cold, it's a man cold! And as you all know us men always suffer worse.

But the good news is that I've got a week off work and am able to see more of my family, which is great. My grand-daughter has just started crawling and waving too. She's so cute.

I've also got a list of chores to finish :-(

We have a great newsletter this month with a nice feature article by David McLeod.

Ancestry are late with their offering this month but there's a message from Genes Reunited instead which you will find very interesting. Genes seems to get better by the month!

So sit back and enjoy your newsletter.

2. Featured Article:

Not just names, dates and places please by David McLeod

Don’t let the results of your family history searches become just a list of ‘facts’. Remember the first word is ‘family’, and this means people. It’s the little anecdotes that bring them to life as well as interesting others in what you’re doing. This is a sample of some of the snippets we’ve found.

Drummed from the force:
He was a member of the early police force and befriended a number of aboriginals. Supposedly he refused to participate in a "hunting party" where the prey was human, and was left in the bush, stripped to his underwear as punishment. Needless to say he left the force.

Not such a good idea:
He worked really hard at converting his third wife to Christianity. He finally succeeded, only to have her newly developed conscience prompt her to admit that she was still married to someone else.

Travelling incognito:
He was supposed to have jumped ship, but when his shipping record was eventually located, he had obviously arrived in some comfort with a large supply of provisions. But he did arrive with a name quite different to the one he changed to some years after his marriage. So did he jump ship from the Navy at an earlier date?

Little indiscretions:
"Did he or his adoptive parents ever know who his real parents were?" Answer: "Oh he was one of Richard's little indiscretions". Really? One of...?

Poor sad little John:
Their second child was called John, after his father. He died early so they called their next son John. He died as an infant also. It wasn't until child eight that they decided to call another son John. He died as a baby also, on the same day as his mother. Father remarried and the new couple had a son whom they called John. He lived for four years. Child number three of the second marriage was also called John. He lived less than a year. FINALLY, child number five was born, he was christened John, and he lived to a ripe old age.

Silence is golden:
He kept a diary of his eventful voyage to Australia. The trip took five months, considerably longer than usual. They faced near disaster in storms, a drunken surgeon who had to be replaced, the deaths of a number of passengers from cholera, and a mutiny by the crew. In all of this diary there is not a single mention of the fact that he had a wife and two children on board with him.

A cigarette and a cuddle:
"Dad used to take his younger sister into town to the dance every Saturday". "I'm sure he didn't", my mother declared, "he hated dancing". "But I only said he took her to the dance; he would leave her there and pick her up afterwards". Grandma and Grandpa thought she was being chaperoned. They were quite unaware that the young ones would sneak out the back of the church hall to sit on the gravestones, have a smoke and a 'bit of a cuddle'.

The wedding dress:
Her wedding photos were beautiful. Look at the flowers, and the detail on the dress. But wait a moment - that's not the same wedding dress! It's definitely the same person, but a different wedding dress! It turns out that there was another husband.

David McLeod and his wife have had bursts of enthusiasm over many years chasing genealogical information. You can see more of their work on their website www.GeneFrog.com

3. Latest News From: Genes Reunited

Hi Family History 4 All,

From: Genes Reunited

Genes Reunited has introduced an exciting new feature into our census search function! Now when members are searching for ancestors they will see results which include variations on all the first and middle names entered to help them with their search.

This can really help members find their ancestors as it was common for people in the census records to change the way in which their name was recorded. Names often varied from year to year with people sometimes recording themselves under their middle name instead of their forename.

As well as introducing this into our name search we’ve added in some more, behind the scenes, functionality for the year of birth criteria. So if members aren’t sure of the exact year that they would like to search, our new functionality means that if no results are found initially, the database will search a few years either side of the entered date to see if we can find any matches that way.

Members are now 6 times more likely to get results for their search helping them discover more about their family history than ever before. With improvements like this there has never been a better time to join the Genes Reunited programme!

4. Find My Past

With millions of family history records online, Find My Past makes it easy to research your UK
ancestry and create your family tree. Search census records and trace births, marriages and deaths to bring your family history to life.

Latest News: 30 March 09 - new 1901 census

The counties of Warwickshire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, comprising over 3.8 million records, have been added. Find your ancestors in the 1901 census now.


5. Next Months Featured Article by Richard Clark

The internet has truly revolutionized our way of living. Gone are the days that you are compelled to visit a department store to buy something, go to a driver license office to personally renew your driver license or stay long at a library to find an important information you desperately need. In our day and age, doing these things are equivalent to just a few clicks. By using your computer, almost everything can now be done online at the comforts of your own home.

Article Source: http://www.familyhistoryarticles.com

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