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Newsletter No. 29 - May 2009.

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New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

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1. Our welcome message.

2. Featured Article – Fast Access to Important Public Records by Richard Clark

3. Latest news from: Family search

4. New on Family History 4 All: Find My Past

5. Next Months Featured Article: A tale of genealogy, fraud and poverty by John Arthur

1. Our welcome message.

The weather here in the UK is brilliant at the moment. Hotter than Greece according to the press! Long may it continue.

We have a great newsletter this month with a nice feature article by Richard Clark.

A date for your calendar: 27th June 2009 - 'Yorkshire Family History Fair' - More info:  http://yorkshirefamilyhistoryfair.com. Held at York Racecourse, this is one of the biggest family history fairs in the UK. If you are researching Yorkshire ancestors, don't miss this one. Carol and I will be going. Don't forget to say Hi if you spot us.

Enjoy your newsletter.

2. Featured Article:
Fast Access to Important Public Records by Richard Clark

The internet has truly revolutionized our way of living. Gone are the days that you are compelled to visit a department store to buy something, go to a driver license office to personally renew your driver license or stay long at a library to find an important information you desperately need. In our day and age, doing these things are equivalent to just a few clicks. By using your computer, almost everything can now be done online at the comforts of your own home.

How about in trying to find facts and information about certain individuals? Back then, researching about people’s background would mean going to the police, requesting public records from a public office or hiring a private investigator. Such processes are both time-consuming and, most of the time, will cost you much before you get the information you desire.

Nowadays, getting necessary information about a person do not need to take you a long time and do not need to cost you an entire fortune anymore. Looking up official and public records about a person can also be done online. Background Checks can now be conducted through a faster, easier and less expensive process. PublicRecords.com now makes public records to be readily available online to help you get information you need about certain individuals in question.

Checking information about persons who we deal with is a necessity nowadays. For example, if you are an employer and want to make sure that you are employing the right person for the job, you may want to know about the prospective employee’s background such as their previous employment history, their criminal record (if they ever were convicted of felony) or if they had been a sex offender. It is a given fact that most companies these days require background checks on all applicants and employees. Employers who conduct these checks avert the possibility of hiring people who may cause workplace accident or crime.

Or let’s say that you are a parent and are anxiously concerned about your daughter’s safety and security. Getting a background check about her friends and her date may do the trick of calming you down. It may also help you avoid unnecessary tragedy. Or maybe you are a landlord and want to make sure that those who lease your apartments wouldn’t cause you some legal trouble in the future.

After all, trust isn’t something you just give away to people – it is something that people should earn. Access to public records is highly important because it will help you to be better informed about the people you and your loved ones deal with.

Trust PublicRecords.com when it comes to accessing public records and reports. Because it is powered by the most comprehensive nationwide database, http://www.PublicRecords.com allows you a fast and easy access to over 2 billion records in the United States.

Like you, we recognize the importance of your safety and security. Visit our user-friendly site, avail of our services and experience the advantage of having access to public records. Because, nowadays, availing of background check services these days isn’t just nice – it is wise.

Richard Clark
3 years in business
Public Records

Article Source: http://www.familyhistoryarticles.com

Note from my chief researcher: Always try to double check records found online with the originals, as transcribers sometimes make a mistake (they are only human!).

3. Family Search:

Family Search - the Mormon site, has had a make-over of late. See what you think, here are a couple of links to get you started:

FamilySearch Wiki This is a new Family History Research Wiki. Go here to learn what records are available and how to find them.  You can also contribute your knowledge.

FamilySearch  The original FamilySearch web site has had a make over and now includes many new features, including Record Search and Family Archives Search.

FamilySearch Forums  This is a site where you can go and ask research questions and get one on one help from other users.  You can also help others with questions.

4. Find My Past

Findmypast was the first website to put the UK birth, marriage and death records online in 2003, and since then we’ve grown from strength to strength. We are the largest UK-owned supplier of original family history records and are one of the largest UK family history websites. With over 550 million original records dating from 1538 (many unavailable elsewhere) and over 600,000 active registered users, more and more family historians are using us every month.

We pride ourselves both in the accuracy of our records compared to those on other sites and in our investment in customer service, which keeps happy customers coming back.

Latest News: 30 March 09 - new 1901 census

The counties of Warwickshire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, comprising over 3.8 million records, have been added. Find your ancestors in the 1901 census now.

5. Next Months Featured Article: A tale of genealogy, fraud and poverty by John Arthur

What makes us the sort of people we are? It is certainly not only our environment or our upbringing but it’s the attitudes and traits that are passed on to us from generation to generation and it’s by understanding our genealogy and family History that we come to understand ourselves.

Article Source: http://www.familyhistoryarticles.com

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Jim. Editor

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