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Newsletter No.2 – November 2006.

Tony Robinson and Ancestry.co.uk


Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to the our newsletter from www.familyhistory4all.co.uk 

I hope this message finds you all in good health. To our new subscribers a big welcome and we hope you enjoy our newsletter. And to all our subscribers – if you have an article or amusing story to share with us then please don’t be afraid to send it for publication…you can remain anonymous if you prefer but we want you all to feel you can contribute if you want to. Just send an email to publish2002uk@yahoo.co.uk with the words ‘Newsletter item’ in the subject box. And we will include it at the first opportunity, subject to editing, if necessary of course.

If you really do enjoy our newsletters the please tell all your friends and/or relatives who may be interested in family history. Forward this newsletter by all means with our blessing. But if for any reason you don’t like some part of the newsletter, then please tell us! That way we can improve the newsletter and improve your enjoyment!

Wow! Thanks to all our subscribers who took the time to thank us for the first edition of this newsletter. It makes it all worthwhile to know that it's appreciated.

October's issue highlighted the benefits of Genes Reunited, so for anyone who missed it, here’s a link for www.genesreunited.co.uk/ 

And as promised, here's the link to the archives so you can refer to previous issues: Newsletter Archive (Sorry we forgot to change the link in the email version)

This month we are giving you some information about what we think is a candidate for the best family history resource, Ancestry.co.uk. Of course if you live in the USA or Canada you also have the opportunity to join Ancestry.com.

At Ancestry.co.uk you can find:

  • The largest collection of UK family history records online. Records from Scotland and Wales included!
  • Most complete Census collection available online (1841-1901)
  • FREE Access to Birth, Marriage & Death indexes from 1837 to 2004
  • Over 350 million records currently online. More added regularly.
  • Parish and probate records dating back to the 1500s including some Yorkshire parish records.
  • Family History 4 All strongly recommend joining Ancestry.co.uk if you are serious about your family tree! It is without doubt the best online resource for family historians. Don't let the subscription cost put you off as it's amazing value for money. For little over £1 a week you'll have access to millions of records. Sign up for the free trial first if you want to try it. You'll be glad you did! 

Here's a message from Ancestry.co.uk:

"Last month we brought you the exciting news of our first census release for Scotland (1841) as well as further updates to our free access Birth, Marriage and Death collections-the place to start researching your family history.

Whilst adding to our unrivalled record collections, Ancestry has also been hard at work making exciting changes to other areas of the website.

You'll find new tools and features for creating, building and sharing your family trees as well as updates to the Ancestry Community section- great news for all of our members, new and experienced alike."

An exiting new addition to Ancestry.co.uk is:

Ringing the Changes with our new British Phone Books Collection 1880-1984

As a family history research source, Telephone Directories and Phone Books have been largely overlooked-not surprising given that the fact that they have been mostly consigned to the dusty back shelves of the archives. As a result, few will be aware of their richness as a family history research resource. That is until now, as Ancestry.co.uk announce the arrival of the first release of our British Phone Book 1880-1984 collection

Due to their frequency of their updating, Telephone Directories and Phone Books provide an unrivalled research resource in tracing changing family circumstances, both social and geographic at regular intervals.
Typically, Telephone Directories were updated every 12-18 months from the mid 1900s onwards.

You'll find information on where your ancestors were living. Indeed telephone ownership in itself is highly revealing in establishing class and social prominence of your ancestors too. So, even if you don't find your ancestors listed in the early directories, this in itself is very telling in terms of establishing the social status of your ancestors too.

From the structure of the directories themselves, you'll also be able to get a very rich picture of the areas in which your ancestors were living and for the types of concerns which would of occupied their every day lives. For example, from the very first issue, the changing nature of local and national advertisements (from local milk supplies to major utility suppliers) provide for a fascinating picture of economic and industrial development of Britain.

This initial release (further releases to follow) primarily covers London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent Middlesex and Surrey, but due to lower ownership levels you may well find information covering many other parts of the British Isles too within the early years of this release.

We hope you have enjoyed the above article.

Next months article will be about Family History Software! Finding the right software and getting the best out of it will help to bring your family history research to life.

Family History For All - has it's own online store, featuring family history books and software for the family historian. Here's a handy link if you would like to take a look:  http://astore.amazon.co.uk/familyhisto04-21 

Do you have any problems with your research? Let us know about your problem and I’ll get my team to try to sort it out for you. This service is only available to subscribers of this newsletter. You’ll find our Email address at the bottom of this newsletter.

I can’t stress how important it is to join your local ‘Family History Society/Group’. You will gain lots of information and advice by being a member. They don’t usually charge a fortune to become a member and the benefits are enormous. You’ll find a link on our site to most Family History Societies/Groups and if yours is not listed, then pop along to the local history section at your local library and ask about your nearest group.

That’s all for this month folks…see you soon.

 Jim. Editor


 Email: publish2002uk@yahoo.co.uk

 Or: jim@familyhistory4all.co.uk

 Jim Ackroyd. Address: 12 Avondale Road. Doncaster. UK. DN2 6DE


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