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See how Donny Osmond added 38 generations to his family tree using OneGreatFamily!

 Highly recommended Resource:

OneGreatFamily has developed the most technically advanced online genealogy service for any person interested in researching genealogy or extending a family tree. Fabulous Value for your visitors.

OneGreatFamily.com - Connect with other people who have already found your ancestors! OneGreatFamily is an online genealogy service that actually connects the names that are submitted to its shared worldwide database using the first only entire software program on the Internet!

OneGreatFamily.com - Search MILLIONS of names

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New OneGreatFamily Family Dashboard Makes Doing Genealogy More Enjoyable

New web-based Family Dashboard™ makes exploring your family tree a lot of fun while aiding your genealogy research. Now included in all subscriptions to OneGreatFamily Family Dashboard™ provides 18 drag-and-drop widgets designed to provide interesting information and insights into your family tree. Example widgets include Relationship Calculator, Migration Calculator, Time Capsule, Top 10 Birth and Death Countries, etc.

September 19, 2007 -- OneGreatFamily today announced the release of Family Dashboard™. This groundbreaking rich Internet application (RIA), incorporating the latest in drag-and-drop widget technology, offers a host of tools for the easy and fun exploration of a user's family tree. Family Dashboard is tightly coupled with Genealogy Browser™, a full featured PC-based family tree program also offered by OneGreatFamily . Effective immediately, both are included in all subscriptions to OneGreatFamily. Current subscribers to OneGreatFamily.com get a free upgrade to Family Dashboard.

"Although we are constantly improving OneGreatFamily to make genealogy research easier and more enjoyable, Family Dashboard truly represents a quantum step forward," said Dale Munk, OneGreatFamily 's CEO. "In addition to making research easier, Family Dashboard also brings a lot of fun as well as a deeper, more satisfying interaction with your family tree."

Family Dashboard is widget-based

Widgets (or gadgets) are small programs that typically do one thing quickly and easily. Many sites, including iGoogle™, My Yahoo!™, and others have utilized Widgets to allows users to customize their environments to meet their needs. Family Dashboard is the first genealogy site to use widgets to facilitate genealogy research. Family Dashboard allows users to open, close and move Widgets with drag and drop technology in order to tailor Family Dashboard to their own specific needs.

Widgets available today

Family Dashboard ships with 18 widgets that allow users to quickly and easily explore their family trees while experiencing the fun of getting to know their ancestors. These 18 widgets include:

  • General Statistics about Your Family Tree: Provides a variety of interesting statistics from your family tree while allowing you to quickly pull up a complete list of each of the following groups: Total individuals in Your family tree, Ancestors OneGreatFamily has found and added to Your family tree, Merges performed this week, and Hints found this week.
  • Relationship Calculator: OneGreatFamily will attempt to identify if a relationship exists between any two people in the OneGreatFamily database. Included is a researched list of over 150 famous people you can choose from, to see if and how you are related, including: Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Washington, Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Edison and William Shakespeare.
  • Search the Internet: Quickly search Google®, Wikipedia® or Dictionary.com®
  • Last Name Popularity in the U.S.: Find out the percentage any surname represents of all names in the 1990 U.S. Census. Also provides the popular ranking of the surname.
  • Important Events for Today: Will show three random events from your Family Tree that occurred on today's date in history, including births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, confirmations, Bar Mitzvah, etc. By clicking on the More link, all events on today's date will be shown. You can change the date to look at any date in history.
  • End of Lines in Your Family Tree: Will list 3 random people from your family tree that are the ends of their line, i.e. currently do not have a father or a mother in our database. These people can be excellent choices for focusing further research into your family tree.
  • Top Birth and Death Countries in Your Family Tree: Shows a Google Map with pushpins in the 10 countries that have the most births and the 10 countries that have the most deaths in your family tree. By clicking on a country, you can bring up a list of all the people in your family tree who were born or who died in a specific country.
  • Time Capsule: Will list various interesting facts from a date in history, including important events, famous people born on this date, cost of living, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Best Picture for that year, US President and Vice-President, birthstone, astrological sign and Chinese zodiac. This feature is powered by Spectrum Unlimited.
  • Your Family Tree: Will launch Genealogy Browser so that you can view, edit and print your family tree.
  • Sample First Names from Your Family Tree: Will list 3 random first names from your family tree along with the number of your ancestors with that first name. By clicking on More links you can see a list of all the first names of all your ancestors. The list can be sorted by popularity or alphabetically. By clicking on a specific name you can see all your ancestors that share that name.
  • Sample Surnames from Your Family Tree: Will list 3 random surnames from your family tree along with the number of your ancestors with that surname. By clicking on More link you can see a list of all the surnames of all your ancestors. The list can be sorted by popularity or alphabetically. By clicking on a specific surname you can see all your ancestors that share that name.
  • Migration Calculator: Will create a Google map with pushpins identifying the birthplaces of the direct line ancestors between any two people in OneGreatFamily.
  • Welcome to Your Family Dashboard: Contains a brief text description of how to move, minimize, hide, and add widgets to your Family Dashboard.
  • Ancestors Added: Will show an odometer of the number of ancestors OneGreatFamily has found and added to your family tree. Clicking on the odometer presents a list of the ancestors added and allows you to run a relationship calculator, a migration calculator or to see the ancestor within Genealogy Browser within your family tree.
  • Search OneGreatFamily : Performs a search of OneGreatFamily 's entire database based on a surname and an optional first name. You can then look at the details of any individual that matches your search criteria, including seeing the individual in Genealogy Browser.
  • 'Average Lifespan' in Your Family Tree: Will calculate separately for men, for women and for all your ancestors the average age as well as identifying the youngest and oldest using the most recent 20 generations. For the youngest and oldest, you can run a relationship calculator, a migration calculator or see the ancestor in Genealogy Browser within your family tree.
  • Missing Data in Your Family Tree: Will show three random people from your family tree who are missing vital record information, like a birth date or a death location. Clicking on the More link brings up a list of all the ancestors in your family tree who are missing vital record information. This list can be sorted, and for any ancestor, you can run a relationship calculator, a migration calculator or see the ancestor in Genealogy Browser within the user's family tree
  • Share Your Family Tree: Provides two ways to share your family tree. 1) You can email a link to family or friends that shows your family tree within Genealogy Browser. The tree is displayed in read-only mode, so you do not have to worry about unauthorized changes. 2) You can get a HTML code for a link to be imbedded in your own webpage. These links will work with popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, in addition to your own web site.

About the OneGreatFamily Service

Launched in 2000, OneGreatFamily is the easiest and most complete service for building one's family tree. Subscriptions include Genealogy Browser, a complete PC-based genealogy program for creating, editing, viewing and printing a family tree. Innovations include the ability to zoom in and out of the tree, immediately spot ancestors for which your information conflicts with other genealogists, and the ability to identify ancestors may be matches in other family trees.

Users can also upload genealogy data from other popular genealogy software, including Personal Ancestral File™ (PAF), Family Tree Maker™ and Legacy Family Tree™.

All family tree information is automatically compared against all other data in OneGreatFamily using our patented Handprint™ matching algorithm, and obvious matches are automatically merged. OneGreatFamily is the only service on the market today that will automatically merge obvious matches, saving you the time and effort of reviewing and approving them. It sets the standard for value, ease and fun.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

OneGreatFamily with Family Dashboard and Genealogy Browser is available now under three different subscription plans: Annual billing ($79.95), Quarterly billing ($29.95) or Monthly billing ($14.95). All subscription plans are available with a 7-day free trial. ($79.95 is approx £40)

Family Dashboard and Genealogy Browser require a PC running Windows XP or later, a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, an Internet connection (dialup or broadband), and a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or Firefox). Optional hardware that can be useful include a printer supported by Windows, video-capture board and soundboard (for video and audio clips); scanner (for digitizing images); and digital camera. User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges. As with all Windows programs, a faster processor, more RAM and more free disk space will enhance performance.

About OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily , L.L.C. was founded in 1999 by Alan Eaton with a vision to match and merge all of the separate family trees created by genealogists into one single unified worldwide family tree. This single family tree would remove all duplication while maintaining all differences in conclusions genealogists would draw from the research evidence. Today more than 160,000,000 individuals have been submitted to OneGreatFamily in family trees. Users purchase access to the online service through annual, quarterly or monthly subscriptions. The company is privately held, based in Springville, Utah and has approximately 25 employees.

Here is an image so you can see what the new Family Dashboard looks like



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